What is the CNT Hackathon?

The CNT Hackathon is an annual, extended weekend-long event that takes place in Seattle, WA. In 36 hours, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a soldering iron, elite teams of local and out-of-state students compete to create novel neural engineering solutions. 

Equipment for Hacking Include

Oculus VR  // OpenBCI Mark IV UltraCortex  // Leap Motion // Myo Gesture Control Armband  // Microsoft HoloLens  // Microsoft Kinect  // uPrint SE 3D Printer // Much more...

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Winners of the 2019 CNT Hackathon

Congratulations to the winners (from left to right) Melchizedek Mashiku (Georgia State University, Computer Science), Preston Pan (University of Washington, Bioengineering), and Karley Benoff (University of Washington, Mechanical Engineering) from the team All-brainers!

Photo by Marcus Donner, Center for Neurotechnology

The team created a rehabilitation system for trunk stabilization called Rehabilitation for Independent Seated Extension (RISE) using an Arduino, a magnetometer, Flexvolt, and a Microsoft Hololens.

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and judges!

Photo by Marcus Donner, Center for Neurotechnology

2018 Team Presentations Streaming Live

Team presentations were live streamed on April 9, 2018.

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