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We would like to thank Oculus VR for donating three Oculus DK2s and the Washington Research Foundation for donating $500 for the hackathon in 2015. This hackathon is funded through the Center for Neurotechnology (an NSF engineering research center) but has greatly benefited from external donations and support.

Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interested in sponsoring but need more information, please refer to this sponsorship pitch presentation and to the brief sections below.

What are the Benefits?


  • All donations are tax deductible

  • Real-time feedback on products (for item donation)

  • Company/organization exposure to participants and press

  • Build relation with the CNT

Sponsorship Tiers

Donations and gifts of any amount of much appreciated. There is a sponsorship tiers document but as stated earlier, any and all consideration is appreciated. Please note t-shirts have already been ordered but we will still ensure the participants are aware of your generous support.

How to Sponsor


If your company or organization is interested in sponsorsing, please contact the 2020 CNT Hackathon coordinator, Courtnie Paschall, using the contact form or by e-mailing copa2894[at]uw[dot]edu.

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